Ebikedeal.com! In Business since 2006 954-957-5141 450-681-1913 Crystalyte and Headway authorized seller Email: ebikedeal@hotmail.com Call or write us,were ready to “WHEEL n’ DEAL” Custom Motor Lacing on Rims We are now proud to offer in house professional lacing services on all crystalyte motors that we offer, for those that want a rim other than the standard Crystalyte rims we recommend Sun rims as they have a solid reputation for being very strong and holding true even after taking big jumps,,,we never recommend jumping with a hub motor although there are people that do it, but for those that do they are usually very adept at repairs and truing their own wheels. The point of a strong rim is that hub motors produce a lot of torque and therefore strain the rim and spokes more than just a regular bike. Laced and trued properly crystalyte rims are fine and they hold true without problems. 1 3 2 4 5  We had an issue with people breaking spokes, to remedy this washers are placed as shown to prevent the back and forth motion that is created because of the “slack” or “play” that is in the bend of the spoke (see pic 3 ) How to prevent spoke breakage Bottom line: spokes that are laced and trued properly will not break under normal usage, in 2006 I professionally mounted a Crystalyte 5303 motor that weighs in at 10kg (22lbs) and rode on it for thousands of miles till 2011,,,the motor and rim still ran perfectly true, and I never once broke a spoke,the only reason I switched was because Crystalyte came out with the new HS series motors and I’m now riding one of those. They run strong and are just as fast and full of torque at the same 48v yet they weigh in at 7kg (15lbs) thats 6 lbs lighter,,,I have no reason to go back to the heavier 5303. Soon I will have the Headways and I will increase my power to 60v and report back on the performance.