Ebikedeal.com! In Business since 2006 954-957-5141 450-681-1913 1600 MPG Equivalent! (2600 Kms) Costs only .20 cents per 60 miles (100 Kms) Incredible Range per charge; 20 to 60 miles (32 to 100 Kms) dependant on battery pack Range can easily be increased by choosing lower power levels using our Crystalyte APM and controllers to approximately 48 to 150kms Takes only 4-5Hrs to recharge from 80% Depletion Pedal along to get exercise, but instead of going on a 5 mile ride around your area you can now go 20,30,50 or even 100kms easily without restraints The power of your ride does not deplete as batteries are used up thanks to HeadwayLifepo4 technology (unlike lead acid batteries which makes your ride go slower and slower as energy is used up) Speeds of 35 to 70 KMS per hr and more (be sure to check your city or state laws governing allowable E-bike speeds without a permit) Great hill climbing ability,effortlessly climbs hills without pedalling (most commercially available E-bikes slow to a crawl on hills) You might be surprised to learn that the E-bikes we sell are way more powerful than the run of the mill E-bikes that are available in most of the big box stores. Unfortunately most people who buy those electric bikes end up being very disappointed in terms of speed, power and torque, they actually end up having to walk or pedal their way up any real hill that may be encountered in everyday riding. There are several reasons for this; the motors on those bikes are small and simply not cut out for any real power, the controllers are of lower volts and amps, often around 24 or 36 volts @ 15 or 20amps and of course the battery packs provided tend to be of very low amp hours, I.E.36v8ah. (Don’t worry if you don’t understand about volts or amp hours,)the point is we will be glad to assist you in any way we can to get the best e-bike tailored to your needs at a price lower than you would expect; in short, value for your dollar. Move mouse over this image Our concept E-bike We carry everything for your dream electric bike We lowered our prices here! Coming soon Crystalyte and Headway authorized seller If You find a better price anywhere,we’ll do our best to match or beat it Email: ebikedeal@hotmail.com Call or write us,were ready to “WHEEL n’ DEAL” Hub Motors, Electic bikes,Controllers,Lifepo4, Headway batteries,Chargers, all you need to build your dream Ebike